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Maryam Dadkhah, Ph.D., RDN, CPT

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Weight management is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your Virginia nutritionist, Dr. Maryam Dadkhah at EatWellGuru, is happy to work with you to develop an effective weight management plan.

Weight Management (Pediatrics and Adults) Q & A

What does Weight Management mean?

Weight management simply refers to the process of managing your weight. The term “managing” in this context can describe the process of trying to gain weight, lose weight, or keep your weight steady. In most cases, when people come to see Dr. Dadkhah they require specific strategies for healthy weight loss in hopes of preventing or treating certain medical conditions, such as diabetes. Dr. Dadkhah meets with each client one-on-one to learn more about his or her medical history and any expectations for weight management. Then, based on each client’s unique needs, she devises a controlled and safe weight loss plan for each individual.

How does healthy weight loss happen?

In general, a healthy weight loss plan consists of a realistic goal, a nutritionally-balanced diet, regular exercise, and specific methods to follow and stay on track with. Weight loss happens when the body burns more calories than what it takes in. The safest way to lose weight usually involves a healthy balance between cutting dietary calories and physical activity to meet an additional calorie deficit.

Dr. Dadkhah supports healthy weight loss by helping her patients to find sustainable healthy diet changes. She also encourages increasing exercise levels and can provide advice on what is safe for each patient to do, depending on his or her individual circumstances. Furthermore, Dr. Dadkhah provides a sense of accountability for her patients. Knowing that each appointment will measure success helps many patients through the tough times in making healthy lifestyle changes. And, in addition to keeping her patients accountable, Dr. Dadkhah will celebrate each successful step on your journey to better health.

How can I maintain my weight loss long-term?

Dr. Dadkhah will work with you to assess your nutrition and fitness needs and adjust your plan so that weight loss can be maintained. There are four strategies recognized by nutritionists to help with long-term weight maintenance. These include: engaging in regular physical activity; consuming a healthy, balanced diet; self-monitoring; and sticking to a consistent eating pattern.

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