Body Composition Measurement

What is body composition measurement and why it is better than BMI?

Body Mass Index or BMI is an indicator of fatness based on a persons weight in kilogram divided by square of their height (in meters).  Although it is an easy and widespread tool to use, it is a better indicator of excess weight than excess fat. 

Age, sex, ethnicity, and muscle mass can affect the relationship between BMI and body fat. Also, BMI does not distinguish between excess fat, muscle, or bone mass, nor does it provide any indication of the distribution of fat among individuals.

Eatwellguru is equipped with a Tanita SC-331S Total Body Composition Analyzer in our Tyson’s office.

It is an FDA-cleared medical instrument for healthy adults with active or inactive lifestyles and approved for healthy children 5-17 years of age. Tanita SC-331S accurately and reliably measures more than 20 health and fitness parameters using advanced non-invasive bioelectric impedance technology. That is why it makes it an excellent choice for many research settings. The equipment produces measurements for weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat %, body water, muscle mass, physique rating, bone mass, visceral fat rating with healthy range, basal metabolic rate (BMR), metabolic age, and target body fat %. Tanita measurements are highly correlated with DEXA (Tanita's reference method and gold standard).  Measurements take less than a minute and does not cause any inconvenience to the patient. People with pacemakers or other mechanical implants cannot use the device.

Tanita SC-331S can be used for:

•The screening of diseases and conditions related to body weight and composition.

•The monitoring and prevention of conditions caused by excessive deposits of fat tissue such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and fatty liver.

•The effectiveness of individuals’ nutrition and exercise programs, being for health and physical fitness.

To get the precise measurements, you need to be hydrated. Hard exercises, recent food intake, and taking diuretics such as caffeine, alcohol, certain medications can affect hydration. Also its best to take the reading about three hours after waking up since you might get dehydrated overnight.  Select a consistent time of day, and stick to it for follow-up readings. Empty your bladder before measurement and always avoid wearing nylon clothing, jewelry, or electronics since they may interfere with the measurement. You need to be barefoot on the electrode panels and they need to be wiped before you step on them. Checking body fat frequently is not beneficial as changes occur slowly over time.

If you would like to take advantage of this state of art body composition, call Eatwellguru office to schedule your appointment or visit our website!



Dr. Dadkhah

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