What are the Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee?

Long-term epidemiological studies show that coffee has many health benefits.

Coffee as a health plus: Coffee protects against type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Research also suggests that coffee can lower the rates of depression among women, and suicide. Another study reveals that consumption of several cups of coffee every day lowers levels of liver enzymes and protects the liver against cancer and cirrhosis.

Coffee caveats: Some people may still want to consider avoiding coffee or switching to decaf, especially women who are pregnant or people who have a hard time controlling their blood pressure or blood sugar. It’s best to brew coffee with a paper filter to remove a substance that causes increases in LDL cholesterol.

Research continues: Though the links between coffee and better health are quite clear, the actual component in coffee that provides us with benefit is a mystery. Caffeine alone does not explain the effects. For starters, some of the benefits are seen even with decaf, which has prompted researchers to turn their attention to the many other active compounds — including antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid (a natural chemical compound) — in your morning cup.

Edited by: Mary Tonne Schaefer, M.S.


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